Feed Your Brain: Rupert Murdoch and the War on Journalism

My family is really into Fox News. They quote Fox News opinion-based commentators as though they’re legitimate journalists or held to some kind of respectable journalistic standard. While Fox News gets to tout the brilliant slogan of “Fair & Balanced” (a bold, but completely unsubstantiated claim), the average American forgets that the Fairness Doctrine doesn’t exist anymore … and that none of the news networks are legally required to provide fair and balanced news anymore.


That requires American newswatchers to be extra diligent … and to take the responsibility of their own education and awareness into their own hands.

If you have Netflix, you can watch Outfoxed on Netflix Instant, or, you can watch it below on Vimeo. The documentary is from 2004. It’s certainly not new. But if you’re like me, and you missed it, but feel outraged by the fact that Fox News gets to call itself a news network … you might want to give it a shot.

From Bill O’Reilly’s irrational behavior in telling almost every liberal representative on his show to, “Shut up!” to the tonal change of news coverage from Clinton to George W. Bush and again when President Obama took office to the persistent fear-mongering that the “news network” promotes in its viewers and the “us versus them” mentality that offers an “answer” to that fear … Outfoxed gives you a pretty revealing glimpse behind the scenes of the Fox News of 2004, at least, and the principles on which the network was founded.

I highly recommend it.

Feed your brain with Outfoxed on Netflix or Vimeo. Enjoy!

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