Feed Your Brain: Karen Armstrong and Compassion

This TED Talk from historian and writer Karen Armstrong was back in 2008 and she won a prize for her contribution that year, so, chances are, if you are into TED Talks, you’ve seen this one. But just on the off chance that you missed it, check out this video from Karen Armstrong about restoring the Golden Rule as the central global religious doctrine and building a Charter for Compassion.

I grew up reading and listening to Karen Armstrong’s voice in her books on tape as she was one of my mom’s favorite religious authors when I was in middle and high school. She has written a ton of books, I recommend starting with these three if you haven’t read anything of hers yet:

Feed your brain with Karen Armstrong and the topic of compassion. Enjoy.

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  1. […] or totally selfless all the time. Most of us oscillate — and, as one of my favorite writers (Karen Armstrong) talks about, “concern for everybody” is something people strive their whole lives to achieve […]

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